Welcome to chocolate crumbs!

My name is Xristina. I am Italo-Greek girl who just recently moved to Switzerland, just at the border with France and Germany, with my Spanish boyfriend and two kitties.

In order to make sense of all these new changes and corresponding craziness, I have started baking the recipes of my childhood, but I have also found out that food is the language that most helps me understand all these new cultures.

Chocolate crumbs is the messy journal of my trials and error as I attempt to push out of my comfort zone with new recipes, and at the same time write down of the delicious meals that make my days better.

Like bread crumbs for Hansel & Gretel, each article will be the link to a specific moment and place, so I can keep going on my journey but track where I have been.

I hope you will come along with me and enjoy the trip!